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Who am I ?

Before being a voice actor, I am simply and actor.

I studied at a Drama School in Lille and then in an International Theater School in Belgium.

Today I work for a lot of different projects in different fields.

Theater, Cinema, Dubbing, Motion-Capture, Improvisation, Clown, Magic...

During each voice-over recording session, it is all my expertise, my personality as an actor at the service of your very own project.

Would you like to know more about my journey?

Are you interested in a résumé ?

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You're about to entrust me with the voice of your project, and you'd like to know more about me ?

Ever since I began training as an actor, and even as a child, I've always been comfortable using my voice. I'll skip all the childhood anecdotes, of course!

After graduating from the Conservatoire d'Arts Dramatique and the École Internationale de Théâtre LASSAAD, I completed my training with a number of profesionnals trainings, including, dubbing and voice-over... 

In this way, by multiplying my experience and the contributions of different people, I have cultivated the technical skills that are now my strength in recording sessions.

Today, my voice work represents more than half of my work as an actor. In fact, I'm regularly in the studio doing voice-overs - for commercials, corporate videos, etc. - as well as dubbing.


Series for Netflix, Disney, Paramount+, Amazon Prime... many Japanese anime for Crunchyroll, ADN, Netflix, but also "AAA" video games, (i.e. big licenses!) : League of LegendsCall of Duty, Marvel SNAP, Horizon, Plague Tale...


But working with microphones is only one facet of acting. It's vital to learn from all the different experiences I've had, so that I can continue to offer my best as an actor and listen to all the requests a client can make !

I continue to evolve on stage in a wide variety of projects, with over a hundred performances a year in all shows: Adrénaline, an awareness-raising show for teenagers, La Ligue d'Improvisation of Marcq-en-Barœul, The Demented Brothers, a magic and clown show, OEdipe Story, a retelling of the myth...

I work for multiple theater companies, but also as an actor for TV dramas, corporate videos, cinema, etc...

It's all this experience on stage and in front of the camera that today enables me to adapt my acting when in front of the microphone, and to be responsive to the artistic demands of directors, artistic directors and clients.

That's why so many production companies regularly renew the trust they placed in me for a first project !

I hope that this trust will also grow between us for this first collaboration.

- Simon Herlin

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