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Wishing to engage in a practice conscious of the impact of my digital work on our world, I decided not to remain passive and to invest myself in reforestation projects.

Thus, for each recorded voice-over, at least 1 € will be used to plant a tree in a process of reforestation, wildlife protection, economic development, reforestation of degraded forests... with priority given to projects in Europe, and by choosing those that correspond to my values and my expectations in terms of eco-responsibility and ecology.

Furthermore, the CO2 impact of consulting this site is calculated and compensated, via the tool that you can find at the bottom of the page: "Net ZeroWebsite"

You can learn more about my approach by reading this letter. To see where the development of "my forest" and its CO2 compensation rate, do not hesitate to click on the button below.

Group planting a tree

Why plant trees?

(extract from the letter)

The issue of CO2 compensation can raise many questions and debate. How effective is reforestation? Is this greenwashing? Is this really useful?

I asked myself these questions and continue to ask myself them. I read different press articles, scientific journals... and I contacted different organizations that offered this type of project. What pushed me to take the plunge was above all the desire not to sit idly by, passive. There may be other solutions, planting trees may not be the best, and it is obvious that the best is first and foremost to be intelligent in our professional practice to avoid emissions of CO2 and pollution in the broad sense.

This is why I try as best I can and on my own scale to fight against my bad habits.

I favor sending attachments via temporary servers, using reconditioned computer equipment and tools to control my electricity consumption.

And I chose, in perhaps a crazy attempt, to askTree Nation to plant trees for me, by offering to donate at least 1€ per voice project to this organization.

The idea here is not to absolve myself of my individual responsibility in terms of pollution, but to take a step forward in my reasoned work practice.

Together, let's continue to ensure the well-being of our environment. For us, for our children, for those around us... for our planet.

I remain attentive to your comments, suggestions, proposals, in order to go further together in this approach.

Thank you for your understanding.


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